About Us.

Estonian Window OÜ was established in 2008, exclusively based on private capital. Our initial activities involved producing MDF-board window sills, inward-opening (German-style) and outward-opening (Danish-style) windows. We are constantly reinvesting our earnings into improving the quality of our products, and increasing the output of our production facilities. A drive to improve our products, along with a stable and experienced core team have underpinned the development and success of our company.


Why choose Estonian Window products?

Compared to our competitors, we are proud to be flexible, offering low prices and short lead times. All of our windows are single-frame and from laminated timber. Our products are durable, environmentally friendly, soundproof and well-insulated, while still looking great. We make our windows from dry triple-layered laminated pine timber that is free from branch markings. This ensures durability, accuracy of dimensions and resistance to deformation.

We use a 3-stage process to ensure that all products have a long lifespan: with a Remmers or Tempest water soak, a primer and thereafter two layers of a chosen paint, lacquer or surface glazing agent. Better insulation and sound isolation properties are achieved by choosing the right glass unit ― our standard windows come with a 2-pane spectrally selective glass unit: 2K4+4Sel-16 argon (4mm clear float pane, 4mm low-emissivity pane, 16mm argon-filled spacer, heat transfer U=1.1, sound reduction index Rw=31dB).

We offer both double- and triple-glazed window units, with a thickness of 24-26 mm. We seal our glass units with silicone. Glazing takes place inside-out with wooden spacers.

We provide a 2-year warranty for all products.


Estonian Window OÜ

Registration number: 11540583

VAT number: EE101267917

Tartu maakond, Kambja vald, Reola küla, Unipiha tee 7, 61707